Micholandia Wholesale

Micholandia Wholesale is your one-stop destination for all your ice cream store and restaurant packaging needs. From food packaging to delectable ice cream toppings, we've got you covered. We take pride in cutting out the middleman, ensuring that you have a seamless experience. Our extensive product range includes high-quality plastic cups and various essential items for running your day-to-day operations, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple wholesalers. With Micholandia Wholesale, you can streamline your supply chain and focus on delighting your customers with delicious treats.

Here are a few examples of the products we provide to help spark your creativity

    Plastic Cups and Lids: Various sizes and designs to serve ice cream and beverages & more
    Custom Packaging: Branded cups and containers - Logo printed packaging & more
    Food Packaging: Takeout containers - Cutlery sets - Napkins - Paper bags - & more
    Beverage Supplies: Smoothie ingredients - Straws - Disposable cups
    Flavorings and Extracts: Vanilla - Chocolate - Strawberry - Mint - Fruit extracts & More
    Specialty Items: Gelato ingredients - Vegan and dairy-free options - Seasonal flavors & more
    Bulk Ingredients: Ice cream mix - Sugar - Flavor syrups - Granola - Cocoanut Shavings - & more

"Micholandia Wholesale exclusively serves businesses."